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Identifying Your Strengths to be More Successful at Work

Thinking about career goals for 2018? Focused on making your professional situation more profitable and satisfying in the New Year? You probably started assessing your career on a macro level; looking at things like career satisfaction, job satisfaction and possibly looking at your value in the marketplace. Evaluating your work situation is always helpful because it allows you to get an accurate idea of where you are and where you would like to be. When you begin evaluating your current work situation, the first fork in the road in this:

  • I want to stay in my current company/job but improve a few things, or
  • I want to leave my current company/job and get a fresh start elsewhere

Most people know which choice is best for them (to stay or to go) but often don’t take much action or get derailed after they’ve made their decision. I understand – making a change can be a daunting task; I have been there myself. But I can teach you a few skills and show you a few tools so you can get momentum in your career this year.

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Breaking through the Double Standard on the Way to the Top

Since 1972, women’s share of professional jobs has increased 49% and their share of “managerial” jobs grew to 46%. Despite the movement of many women into managerial and professional jobs, they are still concentrated in administrative support, service and retail/personal service sales jobs.

While women have made significant inroads in the workplace, they are still underrepresented in many specific professions such as engineering and in senior management and leadership positions in government and business.

According to a research study published by Pew Research Center, women’s progress in top leadership positions in private sector business has actually been slower than in government.

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8 Top Tips For Handling Salary Questions in an Interview – New for 2018

From time to time we will offer advice and information from other experts on various topics. We are pleased to share with you this article by guest author James Wu on the new California Law AB168 that went in effect January 1st regarding questions about salary history.  Are you prepared?

Are you looking for a new job, or hiring new employees, in 2018 in California?   If so, there are two new California laws, effective January 1, 2018, that create new “taboo” topics that employers will be prohibited from asking on job applications and during the pre-offer hiring process.  The new laws focus on “salary history information” and “criminal history information.”  This article focuses on the law prohibiting California employers from asking job applicants for their salary history information.  Here is a short summary of the new law, and some tips for both job seekers and employers for handling salary questions in an interview.

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3 Strategies for Leaving Your Work at Work

The season of gift giving has come to an end swiftly, as it always does.  But before you throw out the wrapping paper and take down the decorations, I want to let you know that there is one thing you can still give to yourself and your family that may be the most wonderful present ever. It’s the gift of coming home from work happier by leaving your work at work.

American work life is often a high-stress, fast paced, scramble-until-the-day-is-done kind of environment. Work stress can helpful in some ways; it can push you to do your best and stimulates creativity. But stress also comes in the form of office politics, red tape and job confusion (“What’s my role? What am I supposed to do on this team?” etc.), which can have very negative effects. Whether it’s “good stress” or “bad stress,” you probably don’t even notice how skilled you are at dealing with it. But that can also mean that you also don’t notice when it follows you out the door.

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Focus On Your Strengths to Build a Great Reputation at Work

A great reputation in business is everything. Become the best at what you do, focus on your strengths and your reputation will precede you. People will seek your help or advice. Job offers will begin to pile up, even when you are not looking. You’ll be able to write your own ticket.

A good reputation is more valuable than money.” – Publilius Syrus

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The Profound Effects of Gratitude in the Workplace

Over the holiday season we seem to focus more on showing gratitude for the things you have, the people in your lives, and for the experiences you’ve had thus far. But as I started to think about it, I wondered if we really follow through with gratitude in the workplace, or is it just a buzzword – a feel good quote for a social media post.
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Following Your Passion and a Fulfilling Career – Realistic Advice on Having Both

Are you currently working in your childhood dream job? Most of us are not; only 25% of all Americans have followed their bliss from when they were young (LinkedIn survey). However for those who didn’t pursue a career as an astronaut, veterinarian or race car driver, take heart; you can still have a rewarding and valuable career. Following your passion is wonderful if you can do it, but there are some significant upsides to developing a career in a field that wasn’t your top choice in elementary school.

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4 Simple Steps to Getting the Raise You Deserve

Want a foolproof way to strike horror into the heart of any respectable professional this Halloween? Whisper the words “negotiate a raise” into the ear of even the best executives and managers, and they will run away shrieking.

Negotiating a better salary is so scary that 18% of job seekers don’t do it during the interview process and 44% of the workforce does not ever negotiate for a raise ( This is a staggering and disturbing statistic because as a former executive recruiter, I know that companies expect you to negotiate from the beginning of your employment and throughout your career.

Avoiding negotiation can cost you thousands, even hundreds of thousands over time. estimates that an individual who fails to negotiate during an interview can be missing out on more than $500,000 by age 60. That sum is too big to be ignored. Even if you are not in sales or biz dev, sharp negotiation skills must be in your toolkit for professional advancement.

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Transitioning from Peer to Boss Successfully

Most people pursue growth and promotion in their work life. This should be rewarding and lead to a feeling of success and accomplishment. But it can be awkward when a promotion means you will now supervise your friends or the same people who used to be your peers.

Your close colleagues or the people you’d become accustomed to hanging out with may resent you. Others may think they now have an “in” with the new boss. Others may not know how to behave. It’s common for both you and the people you work with to feel a sense of concern, maybe even fear, about how your promotion will change your relationship and how you treat each other.

What do you need to know about taking a promotion that places you above the people you used to work side by side with? Here are some suggestions I give to help my clients to transition from peer to boss successfully.

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The Better You Know Your Strengths, the More Successful You’ll Be

There’s a lot of talk these days about knowing your own strengths, but what does that really mean? And what exactly are strengths?

Gallup, Inc., the performance-management consulting company, defines strengths as a combination of skills and knowledge developed through practice and multiplied by talent (the natural way a person thinks and acts). Gallup organizes how people think and act into 34 talents.

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