How do I know if Julia’s the right coach for me?

It’s important to choose a coach that you feel comfortable working with. Julia offers a 45-minute free consultation, so you can ask questions, learn her style and approach, and get a sense for how you will work together.

What industries or career specialties does Julia work with?

Julia’s clients work in all industries and company sizes and all professional career sectors.

Do I have to meet with Julia in person to use her services?

Corporate Clients

Julia always meets corporate clients at their offices to get a feel for the company culture, environment, leadership team, and company’s needs and goals. After initial meetings, Leadership Development programs take place in conference rooms selected by the client and individual coaching sessions occur over the phone.


Private Clients

Most of Julia’s private clients work with Julia by phone and never meet her in person. That said, Julia is happy to meet clients in person if they can meet her in the San Francisco Bay Area. She can also talk by video conference, Skype and FaceTime.

How does Julia price her services?

Julia’s clients come to her at various stages of their career needing different levels of help with career coaching and planning, job search strategy, and leadership development. After learning from the client what they’re looking to accomplish, she’ll provide a customized proposal that addresses what the client needs and a suggested timeline for meeting those goals.

How do I make an appointment?

Call Julia at 925-451-3183, email her at, or go to her calendar to make an appointment.

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